Impacts of PUBG

Time Consuming:

The average game lasts for about 20 to 40 minutes. The game already is such absorbing that it doesn’t allow the player to shift attention as each move is to be made critically and according to the situation. In this way, the real world tends to become non-existential.

Lack Of Human Interaction:

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PUBG players prefer to avoid family and friends gatherings as they are unable to achieve the kind of satisfaction they get while playing the game alone in their comfort zones. Thus gradually they tend to cut off from their surroundings and isolate themselves just for the sake of some alone time with an addictive game! And even when they are there they tend to stick to their mobile phones as it is an easily accessible game. This creates tension in the lives of those associated especially the parents for their gamer child and spouses who feel attention deprived.


Of course, gamers need to stick to their sofas for hours in order to fulfil their desire to play which increases and is never fulfilled thus they get more vulnerable to obesity and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. One leading to avoiding the most important of tasks in their life whether they be academic or job-related. There have been incidents when unsupervised youngsters played for consistent several hours or even days without food and water and this lead to serious health issues and even death!

Increased Aggression:

Oh! you do feel the negative energy of an addicted PUBG player. They tend to get offended very easily as they are completely absorbed in the game and if the outside world tries to intervene the response is both abnormal and aggressive. A lost game has its own effects of irritation and anger. Which in turn changes how a person reacts to different incidents happening thereafter. And normally they won’t have been that much impulsive about them.

Decreased Focus:

Even when they are not playing the game what they do is think about it. How they can improve their skills? What strategy to adopt in order to win? So, it is constant engagement and thus makes the gamers unable to completely focus on their much important tasks. PUBG players reported dreaming about the battlefield and being into the game. They also explained how their mind is alert all the time of the unconscious threat of being killed as if in the game!

Increased Depression:

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If for some reason their game is at a halt; are not allowed to play, are at places where resources aren’t available or are facing continued defeat and thus are discouraged to play, they get depression attacks! They do not feel the enthusiasm to do anything as they find a lack of interest in everything and are unable to substitute the game with anything else. They often don’t know what to do when not playing PUBG! There have been cases of suicide attempts; both successful and unsuccessful, for losing a game in India!

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