As Arcade Heroes Turns 13, Let’s Find Out Your Game of the Decade!

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December 3rd seems to be an important date for game history. In 1979, the Intellivision game console was launched; in 1994, the first Sony PlayStation launched. And on December 3rd 2006, this website launched! Ok, so we’re hardly in the same class as a game console launch, but today is the day that this website was launched by “Pointything” (whose real identity remains a secret) a mere 13 years ago. In that time, this site has worked to provide you information and opinion on the coin-operated arcade business, as the industry has recovered from it’s doldrums at the beginning of the century. As things are right now, the arcade business is as vibrant as it was in the mid-90s, and there’s always potential for more.

It wouldn’t be here if not for you the readers, so I wanted to offer up my heartfelt thanks to all of you – whether you just read the site regularly, read & comment, share tips, share opinions on what is written, etc. We’ll keep the work up, just as long as someone wants to read or watch. You can watch the latest stuff on YouTube, where we’re about to hit 7,300 subs (or there is Bitchute, which I’ve been doing just in case things go haywire over at YT with the big changes coming next week).

Game Of The Decade

It’s also a good opportunity to do something that we haven’t done in a while – a poll. With it being 2019, that means that a new decade is about to begin. 10 years ago, I polled the readers on what they considered to be the “Game of the Decade,” and now it’s time to find out what YOU think was the Game of the Decade to cover 2010-2019. Last time, the Raw Thrills & Specular Interactive game H2Overdrive took the crown – what will win this time?

I am separating the question into two – maybe three if there’s demand – between video arcade games and pinball machines. A possible 3rd option is LBE VR, which would likely end up in a fight between Beat Saber, Mario Kart VR & Virtual Rabbids.

Of course, you can choose the game for whatever reason you want, but if you aren’t sure what to chose, I’d recommend it be:

1) Something that you have played – and replayed, as it was compelling enough to bring you back for more. Personally, I pick my favorite games based on how much time I’ve spent with them, as the more I’ve done so, the more entertainment value I got out of it.

2) A game that hits all of the right notes on it’s design – where the graphics, audio and gameplay have all been crafted in a way to create that perfect-for-you gaming experience.

3) Something that has had the most impact on arcade gaming in general. For players, this can be what influenced them; for operators, it can be what earned.

You only get one choice though, so choose wisely.

If you’re new around here, do note that I am not counting games that call themselves “arcade” (like Xbox Live Arcade, or the arcade category on Steam), but only exist in software form. TheQuarters Arcade+Bar in Longmont, CO games being polled here are real, proper arcade machines that exist in their own self-contained, pay-per-play game cabinet like you generally imagine when the word “arcade machine” is thrown around. Like what you see in the pic here ->

Click below for a list of game releases by year (some of the earlier years need some clean up on the pages 😛 ); Not every game is included in the poll, just ones suggested by those of you who responded to my poll requests on social media and those I figured would be best. Due to your suggestions, it’s a huge list, but no worries. On videmption games, they have to have an amusement mode in the software. For this year, the game should have been out for a few months at least (Outnumbered is on there as it’s been out in Australia/SE Asia since the summer, but games released at IAAPA 2019 or the Exa-Arcadia are not, since many won’t even arrive on location until later this month/into next; they’ll have to be on the next GOTY/GOTD poll) but if your favorite isn’t on the list, choose “Other” and state in the comments what it is.

The polls close two weeks from now.

2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010


Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.


Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.
It should be interesting to see the final results; thanks for voting and thanks for reading Arcade Heroes! Onto year 14!

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